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The Academy is the most comprehensive training T3 offers. Our goal is to equip each of our players to become the very best versions of themselves. Do we want to see them excel in the game? Absolutely. Over the course of 5 months players deep dive into building skills, understanding the game, and most importantly having confidence in their abilities.


More than this, we desire to see our players discover the power of who they are and how to live into that daily. Walking with them in this journey is our greatest honor. On the journey they will learn to walk with humility, hope, and honor in any circumstance...



  • In-Season: November-March

  • Off-Season: Mid April-Mid October


  • Applications: March 25-April 13th

  • Trainings start April 15th


(High School age or ability) 

Honor Academy ELITE

What do you get?

  • 2 Training days per week

  • 1 Weekday (Wednesday 430-6pm)

  • 1 Weekend time (Sunday 2-4pm)

  • Focus on off-season work (decision making /shooting), performance, personal growth and development.

  • For HS athletes who apply and are approved these athletes may be able to access T3 during off-hours

$150 Per month

Honor Academy

What do you get?

(Ages 10+)

  • 2 Training days per week

  • 1 Weekday/1 Weekend time

    • Monday 430-6pm​ | Sunday 2-4pm

  • Trainings are 1.5 hours

  • Focus on off-season work (decision making /shooting), performance, personal growth and development.

$150 Per month


Mastery academy

Ages 6-10


  • Mid-April through Mid-June

  • Mid-August-Mid October

What do you get?

  • 2 Trainings 

    • 1 hour weekday training (Monday 5-6pm)

    • 1.5 hour weekend train and play (Saturday 10-1130am)

  • Foundational &  Fundamental development

  • Small sided game play

$100 Per month